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HG: Nam Kanghyun by Midnight-Tom HG: Nam Kanghyun by Midnight-Tom
FINALLY DONE!!! ;V; For the lovely-looking group :iconhayami-gakuen: !
//EDIT AHHHHH I GOT IN!!!! Thanks to the mods a lot!! Open to RP with anyone~
Name: Nam, Kanghyun 

Nickname: Hyunnie (he’ll kill you if you call him that though)
Age: 17
Nationality: Korean
Height: 175 cm or 5”9
Weight: 63kg or 138 lbs
Birthday: 4th September

Year: Second year 
Swim Style: Freestyle 
Level: Novice 

Personality: Calm | Sarcastic | awkward | strict | formal/polite | tsundere | assertive | Sharp | loyal | clingy | intelligent | loner | quiet | gentle | serious | responsible | kind | organized | careful | protective | picky | secretly soft-hearted

Kanghyun is a calm and composed male. He’s rational and often silently takes care in the safety of others and himself. If someone gets hurt, he would help them but reprimand the person at the same time. He cares for the people attending the school because they are all passionate about the things he loves. Generally, Kanghyun is awkward talking to people and he may come off as cold when he refuses to talk. He’s very intelligent and studies vigorously to keep his grades up. He is a very neat and organized person. His interest is not very easily captured, and he’s generally quiet. He’s used to being a lone wolf.

He may brush you off at first, but if you take the time to befriend him properly, you will find him a responsible person to lean on. He is very kind and soft hearted to people whom he trusts. He will very be protective and gentle to you while being almost-clingy because he doesn’t like sharing with others. He can be quite picky which certain traits he wants in a friend before he starts to make an effort.

However, even if you are his friend, if you make mistakes he will sternly warn you about your actions. He takes politeness very serious, always referring to people older/higher than with respect. Kanghyun can sometimes treat people younger than him rudely though. He is almost always talks in a serious tone. 

History: Kanghyun knew the first seven years of his life as hell. His parents had abandoned him in an orphanage where he was constantly picked on. He was never clean and often wore the same ragged clothes day in and day out. All he knew was hunger and the cold. Kanghyun often had his tiny rations stolen by older kids, and grew to harbour a deep fear of taller and bulkier people. This is also one of the reasons he seems so frail and weak. He was unable to trust anyone in the orphanage, always opting to keep to himself.

The day seemed like a miracle when Kanghyun was adopted at the age of seven by a kind and loving couple that could not conceive. At first, he was a silent boy, refusing to speak from the trauma he experienced during his orphanage. Gradually, the unconditional kindness and love the couple shared with the boy opened up his frozen heart. Slowly, Kanghyun began to trust and be kind again.

Soon, his parents enrolled him into school, but he was obviously behind from his lack of education. After being taught for the first time, Kanghyun realised how important education was. He endured the teasing of other classmates about his stupidity and kept learning fervently to catch up. He wanted to make his parents feel proud of him, and show him his gratefulness.

His parents adopted another child, a girl this time. She was shy but cute, and her name ‘Minjeong’ was very pretty he thought. That night, his sister had a nightmare and came crying to his room. After hearing about her nightmare of drowning, he pinky-promised her he would learn how to swim so he could protect her. 

The next day, he asked his parents if he could enrol in swimming class. His parents were confused at the sudden request, but complied none-the-less. When Kanghyun first took his first lesson, he found the water to be very calming. He was instantly hooked, finding great joy in swimming. He continued to take regular trips to the swimming pools and decided continuing to swim was his biggest goal.

His parents fully supported him, allowing him to apply for Hayami. When he got his acceptance letter, Kanghyun packed up and left behind his life in Korea to move to Japan in hopes of pursuing his dream of swimming. Before he left, his beloved sister gave him an anklet which had ‘Hyunnie hwaiting!(good luck)’ engraved on it. Kanghyun considers it his treasure because he was touched at the kind gesture and vowed to become the very best at swimming so he could return to a proud family.

When he moved to Japan, Kanghyun had very little knowledge of Japanese (but he’s learning very quickly!) and tends to be a little self-conscious about his lack thereof. But even still, his passion for swimming needs no words and transferring over to Hayami Gakuen a choice he’d never regret regardless.

When he bid his last farewell to his parents he yelled from the terminal.

‘Umma, Appa, I’ll make you proud!’

*Note: This isn't the full history, just a really cut down version! ;v; The one with all the specific details is this full one here! *

– Red 
– Peace 
– anklets 
– clouds 
– green tea and red bean buns 
– puzzles 
– bitter chocolate 
– coconut bread 
– rain 
– beannnnnnns 
– spicy things 
– glasses (secretly)

 - Loud noise
– Undisciplined people
– getting touched
– being hungry
– mosquitoes 
– his past (being asked)
- people that loom above him
Additional Information: 
-Sometimes gets triggered with a panic attack with his past trauma. He has pills he takes to try and relax him, and they're generally always in his bag.
-After think about it... he is a red panda (spirit animal) !!
-Pierced earlobes

Contact information: For RPing. (EX: Skype, Notes, etc.): I prefer Skype, but I can do notes as well! Note me if you'd like my skype! * v *
Preferred method of RPing: Script or Lit; I prefer Lit!

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